ISOMERS Skin Care Products Defy The Signs Of Aging

Isomers skin care products are designed to reduce and reverse the visible effects and signs of stress and time on your skin. The innovative skin care products are formulated to help rejuvenate and care for all skin types - even the most sensitive.

For over 20 years, Isomers Labs has been leading the search for non-surgical, anti-aging treatments. Founded by Manuela Marcheggiani and husband Darius Majlessi, the duo has been producing research-driven, next-generation skincare formulas that range from antioxidant moisturizers for women and high-tech anti-aging products for men to cutting-edge ingestibles for increased radiance and vitality.

Isomers Skin Care - Are these products suitable for all skin types and colours?

According to Isomers Labratories Inc. the answer is YES.

Because Isomers' formulas and products are based on the overall need and desire for healthy skin they don't categorize their finished products into skin-type solutions; but into overall useful skin-care treatments.

Isomers understands the basic needs of the skin and recreate those elements into their skin care products. They formulate each and every product to work for individuals with sensitive skin. Their formulas respect the pH of the skin so that it doesn't get over-procesed or stripped, and by doing so these skin care products can be used on all skin types, ages and colors.

The Isomers Skin Care line creates products for your Face, Eyes, Lips, Body, and Hair and Scalp.

Isomers Skin Care - Video "Our Philosophy"

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