ISOMERS One 3000 Targeted Treatment Trio

isomers one 3000 targeted treatment trio

Jump-start your skin care treatment.

Isomers One 3000 Targeted Treatment Trio is an easy at-home treatment that can give you a more natural look while minimizing the appearance of horizontal and vertical frown lines, crow's feet around the eyes and naso-labial lines around the mouth.

ISOMERS One 3000 Targeted Treatment Trio Includes:

  • One 3000 Cream Liquid Crystal Technology - 1.86 fl oz
  • One 3000 Body with Caffeine - 8.16 fl oz
  • One Freeze - 1 fl oz
  • Benefits:

  • Reduction of main wrinkle depth and volume (skin is smoother)
  • Reduction of roughness (skin is softer)
  • Increase in skin tone (skin looks firmer, more lifted)
  • Contains key elements to jump-start your skin care treatment: peptide technology, mineral blends, moisture binders, emollients, genestine, anti-oxidants, and caffeine
  • Add luminosity to the skin
  • Targets those tell tale expression-lines
  • As always, to get a jump start on great looking skin please visit our home page Isomers Skin Care.

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